The Cavalcade of Schlock is a website dedicated to that perennial favorite: The B-Movie.  Outside of the website, The Cavalcade of Schlock is a group dedicated to the idea of gathering your friends together, grabbing some snacks, some drinks, some bad (but oh-so-good) movies, and settling in for an evening of fun.

Starting as a small disorganized group with the common interest of seeing obscure creature features once a month, the Cavalcade has evolved into a... slightly larger group of people with the common interest of seeing obscure creature features once a month. Now we want to share that common interest with you.

In the Beginning...

Thursday March 20th, 2008

Wandering the floor of the office building in which I spend way too much of my life, I start pondering what to do for the weekend. By this point, I've been at the job long enough to finally become used to the strange Sunday-Thursday evening schedule, even to the point where I look forward to having Friday off to myself, what with the rest of the workforce all at their jobs, leaving me to slack off in peace. Also sometimes I plan to remodel my home using this useful reference. Then on Saturday I can actually spend time with my friends with the normal weekends. However, this particular weekend had a bit of a wrinkle to it. Easter.

Seeing as how I lack the Religious gene, Easter isn't exactly what I call a marquee day on my calendar. I only knew of its imminent arrival because I had been talking to my Mother about her plans for the day (Guests, Dinner, Lamb, etc.). Now though, as I climb the stairs to head to the central office kitchen, I find myself thinking of the origin of the holiday. Or at least, its popular origin. Normally, I wouldn't give too much thought about the story of Jesus' "rebirth", but a particular phrase and/or image:

That of Jesus rising from the grave to stalk the living...Like a zombie.

I now had my plans for the weekend.

See, I love movies. Starting in the middle of my Sophomore of High School, I worked at Metro Video of Bowie Maryland, the largest video store in town. I stayed there close to 6 years, building a affection for movies into a total obsession with them. By the time I left the store and headed into Art School, I'd seen our entire inventory of films (let's just forget the fact that it had a huge Adult section), and I could play Six-Degrees of Anybody, let alone Kevin Bacon.

As much as I love the Art House cinema that challenges your mind and enlivens your heart, my truest love is for the craptastic cinematic treats of the B-movie. Sadly I'm not old enough to have ever gone to a Drive-in, an experience I'm sure I would have treasured. Some of my favorite movies are Drive-in classics: It Came from Beyond the Deep, Tarantula, The Abominable Dr. Phibesand The Curse of Frankenstein. Others, really should have been drive-in movies, like Lifeforce. My 900+ DVD collection is littered with movies like these stuffed in-between the more highly regarded pictures, a perfect example that I'm looking at right now is The Possession of Nurse Sherrie sitting next to Schindler's List.

So the idea of a Zombie movie marathon to celebrate zombie Jesus reeked of grindhouse-level perfection to me. In fact, I was so excited that I ran up the rest of the stairs and plopped myself down on a buddy's desk stating "I think I'm gonna' do a zombe marathon this Saturday, you know, for Easter."

"I think I can make that."

Uh...crap. I had kind of meant that I was going to grab a six-pack of beer, call in some takeout, and watch these things by my lonesome. I hadn't actually intended to turn it into a group activity. But I didn't want to be rude...

"Uh... Cool. Saturday?"



Over the next 24 hours, I managed to convince 8 other people to attend. When the night arrived, we watched Return of the Living Dead28 Days Later, and Dead-Alive; laughing, munching, and drinking our way through awful dialog, 80's pop, and a naked dancing zombie girl with a dislocated jaw. In other words: A dream come true.

Afterwards, I came up with the idea of a B-movie bookclub where each month, friends would gather, watch a series of movies around a central theme, and bring the Drive-in back home. Now, 8 months in, the club has grown, with rules and fun little by-laws, all built around a central theme: Evil may not be good, but bad can be fun.

And thus was the Cavalcade of Schlock born.